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Dana and Syahir

So pure really! The bond within the family and the couple itself! Congratulations!

Effy and Zahasman

May today be just the beginning of a happy life together. Congratulations love birds.

Joe Zakaria + Dalili

An adventure to explore life and to grow old together. When we get old, hand in hand, we will recall all the sweet memories in life together. After 7 years and always.
10964278903_e10d481cf410971920194_52b946bb6b10971696546_e37b06a93810971519625_7d60f2e48910958427886_b201456f7410958317566_59efda870210958310894_ea14cca1fa10958307305_27da0fe83a10958264826_0ef7defaf410958260135_99efb120d5Photographed by Syahmi Azman

Directed by Fakhrul Amin, assisted by Azmie Sulaiman and Zulkhairi Kharuddin

All rights reserved. The puteh films.

Save The Date Yuyu + Izwan


Photographed by Faiq The Puteh

All rights reserved The Puteh Films.