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Effy and Zahasman

May today be just the beginning of a happy life together. Congratulations love birds.

Joe Zakaria + Dalili

An adventure to explore life and to grow old together. When we get old, hand in hand, we will recall all the sweet memories in life together. After 7 years and always.
10964278903_e10d481cf410971920194_52b946bb6b10971696546_e37b06a93810971519625_7d60f2e48910958427886_b201456f7410958317566_59efda870210958310894_ea14cca1fa10958307305_27da0fe83a10958264826_0ef7defaf410958260135_99efb120d5Photographed by Syahmi Azman

Directed by Fakhrul Amin, assisted by Azmie Sulaiman and Zulkhairi Kharuddin

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Save The Date Yuyu + Izwan


Photographed by Faiq The Puteh

All rights reserved The Puteh Films.

Kinka + Farhan

What we love about this wedding is the simplicity of the couple. And now it is out for the whole world to know. Declaring their love for one another, here’s Kinka and Farhan!


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